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Your Vision. Our Firm.
Together We’ll Make An Impact

Why Do We Call Ourselves Storybook Financial?

Inspired by our founders daughter, Mila, who is living with Cystic Fibrosis and truly loves storytime and adventures, we’ve come to realize that everyone has a unique story to tell and passions to guide them as they work towards reaching their goals. By gaining an understanding of your story and where you come from, we aim to help you live out your dreams and the aspirations you have for yourself and your family.

Our goal is to remove the complexities of your financial life and build a foundation of easy to understand solutions. We’ll bring simplicity, understanding and clarity to your biggest financial concerns so that you can continue to make a positive impact on the world around you.

What We Believe In:

Benefits from a Financial Plan Coralville, IA Storybook Financial

Everyone Benefits from a Financial Plan

As a fee-only firm, we aren't making money on the side at the expense of giving you the best advice possible. Instead, what you pay is what we make and nothing more. Your best interest is our best interest, and we strongly recommend everyone starts with a financial plan.

Thinking Outside the Box Coralville, IA Storybook Financial

Thinking Outside the Box of "Normal" Financial Planning

To us, financial planning is simply a tool to help ensure you live the life you desire based on your budget, without sacrificing your future or taking too great of risks. We encourage creative solutions to financial obstacles on your journey. Our passion isn't just for learning what your story is, but in helping you discover what your story can be.

Sharing Experiences and Knowledge Coralville, IA Storybook Financial

Sharing Experiences & Knowledge

Our passions revolve around the healthcare industry. Our founder's wife is an Advanced Practice Provider, and over the course of experiencing CF firsthand, we've expanded our family to include the healthcare heroes we've worked with. Just as they've been educated to care for us, we hope to use our knowledge to care for others.

Professional Designations and Affiliations

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