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Sound Recommendations
To Manage Your Wealth and Find Financial Peace of Mind

Intentional Planning Based on Who You Are and What You Strive For

At Storybook Financial, we’re here to simplify the complex and help bridge your life with your finances so you can experience a greater overall sense of peace, clarity and lasting stability. Along with our personalized process, we provide a structured and straightforward approach that allows for customization based on your goals.

What Services and Experiences Can You Expect?

Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialInitial Consultation

30 Minute Call or Zoom Meeting to learn about our services and related fees. This time may be used to define a potential engagement.   

Always Free

Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialOngoing Financial Planning with Investment Management

For those that work hard taking care of strangers all day and their families all night, we take over as the investment manager in addition to our ongoing financial advice. The goal is to give you absolute peace of mind with your finances. Our investment philosophy is routed in evidence based investing. We believe public markets to be efficient, so rather than trying to second guess the market, we control the things that we can. We control costs through fees and taxes. We invest appropriately, so that we can stay disciplined in times of stress. We rebalance to keep our portfolios in line with our strategy.

1.00% First $1M AUM

0.75% Next $1M AUM

0.50% Next $1M AUM

 0.25% On remaining

Note: We in year one we have a minimum fee of $2,800 for this service, then each subsequent year $2,400 minimum. Any amount not being billed directly to your accounts will be billed directly to client. This may including fees for outside accounts being managed by Storybook Financial or amounts not billed from the minimum fee to cover financial planning costs.

Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialAdvice Only Ongoing Financial Planning

Great for those that want financial advice from someone completely aware of their personal financial situation, but prefer to DIY their investing. Note: Advisor will give advice on your investments, but implementation and monitoring is up to you. With this service, you get everything included in the one-time financial plan, but with no end date. You will always be able to get answers to your questions without worrying about contract dates or hourly rates. Planner will reach out to you no less than quarterly to check in on various parts of your plan. We will review your full plan no less than annually. In events such as moving mid-year to another state, we will update everything and you'll never be charged more than the annual fee. 

$900 Onboarding Fee

$175 per month

Note: Client commits to 12 months of this service. After 12 months of service, client may request cancellation with 30 days written notice.

Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialOne-Time Financial Plan

Works as a review for potential clients that are confident in their financial situation and feel good about their ability to adjust to new issues without the need of a planner. Our financial plans cover: your discussion on your goals both financial and those that don't appear financial at first, home purchases, debt management, student debt management including public service loan forgiveness, cash flow analysis, employee benefit analysis, retirement planning, social security analysis, college planning, tax planning, estate planning, risk planning, investment analysis, life insurance analysis, disability analysis, and liability analysis. We hope to assist you in getting organized and give you and understanding of your full financial picture. 

New prospective clients may go through our Exploration meeting prior to committing to a full plan. Half of the fee will be due when contract is signed and half will be due immediately following plan delivery date (Execution meeting). Planner will assist with plan implementation and answer questions related to the plan for up to 3 months following the plan delivery date when engagement expires. Previous clients looking to renew will be offered a discount based on how many months since previous plan delivery date: within 1 year is a 45% discount, 2 years is a 35% discount, 3 years is a 25% discount, 4 years is a 15% discount, 5 years is a 5% discount, and greater than 5 years would be full price. 


Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialHourly Projects

Hourly projects are great for general education or one-off projects. Initial consultation call is used to describe the work potential client would completed. Planner and client would sign a client engagement describing the work to be done. Once signed, all time related to the project will be billed to client immediately following delivery of project.     

$250 per hour

 Financial Plan in Last 5 Years

$200 per hour

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