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Sound Recommendations
To Manage Your Wealth and Find Financial Peace of Mind

Intentional Planning Based on Who You Are and What You Strive For

At Storybook Financial, we’re here to simplify the complex and help bridge your life with your finances so you can experience a greater overall sense of peace, clarity and lasting stability. Along with our personalized process, we provide a structured and straightforward approach that allows for customization based on your goals.

What Services and Experiences Can You Expect?

Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialFinancial Life Planning

Gain a better understanding of your financial life through our EVOKE® process. We listen to what really motivates your life so we can make financial decisions around those motivations. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions possible to avoid financial pitfalls and realize your dreams as soon as possible. We strongly recommend everyone starts with a financial life plan because your aspirations learned here affect the best course of action on investments and taxes. 

Net Worth Statement | Cash Flow | Budgeting | Debt Management | Retirement Planning | Limited Tax Planning | Employee Benefits Review | Insurance Review | Risk Assessment | Life Goal Planning | College Planning

$1,250 One-Time Onboarding Fee (couples) + $1,250 Annual Fee

*An approximate 10% discount will be applied per $50,000 in AUM.
*Onboarding fee for individuals is $875.

Investment Management Coralville, IA Storybook Financial

Assets Under Management (AUM)

For those that wish to focus on other things and trust their investments to the experts. Our philosophy revolves around evidence based investing as well as developing a tailored portfolio that helps you accomplish your personal and financial goals.

Investment Risk Analysis | Risk Tolerance Review | Asset Allocation Recommendations | Asset Allocation Implementation | Portfolio Rebalancing Automation | Limited Tax Planning | Bank Account Link | Required Minimum Distribution Automation | Charitable Donation Assistance

1.00% First $1M AUM

0.75% Next $1M AUM

0.50% Next $1M AUM

 0.25% On remaining    

Investment Advice Coralville, IA Storybook Financial Assets Under Advisement (AUA)

Whether you have accounts that we are unable to manage for you or you are a DIY investor looking for ongoing advice, we offer tailored investment advice using our philosophy of evidence based investing to help you accomplish your personal and financial goals.

Investment Risk Analysis | Risk Tolerance Review | Asset Allocation Recommendations | Portfolio Rebalancing Recommendations | Limited Tax Planning | Required Minimum Distribution Reminders | Charitable Donation Advice


0.25% on all AUA


Tax Preparation & Tax Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialTax Preparation

We specialize in the preparation of Form 1040 as well as all associated state filings. Together, we’ll work to review your tax return and share our observations about how to more efficiently maintain your earnings.

$325 Federal 1040 + State + Schedules A, B, D

$150 Schedule C

$150 Schedule E Part 1

$50 Schedule E Part 2

$150 Schedule F

$50 Schedule H

$50 Form 8686

$25 Credits & Deductions

$150 Add'l States

Planning Projects Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialPlanning Projects

While we strongly recommend everyone obtains a comprehensive financial plan, we recognize that sometimes you just want answers to a simple question. We work with clients on an hourly basis to get you answers.

$250 Per Hour

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