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To Manage Your Wealth and Find Financial Peace of Mind

Intentional Planning Based on Who You Are and What You Strive For

At Storybook Financial, we’re here to simplify the complex and help bridge your life with your finances so you can experience a greater overall sense of peace, clarity and lasting stability. Along with our personalized process, we provide a structured and straightforward approach that allows for customization based on your goals.

What Services and Experiences Can You Expect?

Financial Life Planning Coralville, IA Storybook FinancialFinancial Life Planning

In addition to taking a deep dive in understanding your personal financial situation and avoiding financial pitfalls, we listen to what really motivates your life including the things that don't feel possible. Once we understand where you are and where you wish you were, that's where the magic can happen! Working with Storybook Financial isn't just about the finances. Its taking life from standard definition to HD. It's showing you your path to a better life. One where you know financial freedom is near and adventure happens along the way.     

$1,050 One-Time Onboarding Fee + $2,100 Annual Fee

*See below for investment management discounts.

Investment Management Coralville, IA Storybook Financial

Investment Management

Our philosophy revolves around evidence based investing as well as developing a tailored portfolio that helps you accomplish your personal and financial goals. Evidence based investing is an approach grounded in research and long-term observation of markets and how they work. We focus on the things we can control by minimizing costs and staying disciplined. Since we only manage investments for financial planning clients, every account is cared for according to its purpose to ensure maximum benefits to the goal it achieves. 

1.00% First $1M AUM

0.75% Next $1M AUM

0.50% Next $1M AUM

 0.25% On remaining

*Investment management service is optional. However, those that choose Storybook Financial as their investment manager will receive 50% off of the One-Time Onboarding fee for financial life planning. They will be given an additional 5% off the One-Time Onboarding Fee and the Annual Fee for each additional $25,000 invested. Example: Investing $250,000 with Storybook Financial means you would pay no One-Time Onboarding Fee and only half the listed Annual Fee. Investing $500,000 would mean you only pay the 1% AUM fee and none of the financial life planning fees. 

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