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Your Story Begins With Caring

For Every Aspect of Your Well-being

As a young medical professional, you’re motivated, driven and always on the go. With a long time until retirement, taking care of your finances is easy to put off. Our financial planning practice has been designed with you in mind. We focus on your aspirations and the things that energize you, while helping you take care of the essentials that you must do. If you're also building a family, then you have more to think about than just yourself. We understand the stress that goes into starting a family while advancing your career. 

We build financial strategies intended to help grow in your career while building your personal wealth and:

  • Paying down student loans
  • Taking full advantage of employee benefits 
  • Getting married and combining finances
  • Buying a home
  • Deciding between paying down debt and investing
  • Starting a family
  • Saving for college of your children
  • Protecting your loved ones
  • Potential career changes
  • Moving to another state
  • Savings & Investment Strategies
  • Protecting your income (which is also your largest asset)

If you’d like to implement a plan, contact us today to speak to an advisor who specializes in your needs.

Diligently Guiding You
With the Hands-On Service That You Deserve

Healthcare heroes have many characteristics - patience, dedication, attentiveness, ingenuity - but free time is not among them. Whether you’re a pharmacist, physician, dietician, nurse or advanced practice provider, your attention is on your patients, your family and your practice. So when it comes to focusing on your finances, we’re happy to take the lead.

We also want to continuously encourage people to live life fully and to give back to their communities. We always strive to donate 10% of our net income. We enjoy hearing about the causes that drive you. As part of our charitable giving, we will donate 5% of your ongoing financial planning fees to the charity of your choice at the end of your first year. 

After your first year, you will be able to earn additional dollars for your favorite charity by earning Storybook Achievements.

By accomplishing goals you set in any of the following areas, you’ll be in line to receive 1% of ongoing planning fees additional (5% total) that will be donated on your behalf in December:

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Having wealth could be unfulfilling, if you don’t build strong relationships with those around you. Your goals are your own, we just assist in helping you achieve them.

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Health & Wellness

Wealth will also seem unimportant, if you don't take care of your own well being. Preventative health care is very similar to financial planning. Taking care of your financials and yourself leads to a lot less misery later.

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As your financial planner, we look forward to understanding your personal situation and helping you set very specific goals that relate directly to your wealth and financial picture. 

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We strongly believe in having adventures and making memories are what make life rewarding. Channel your inner child and find your adventure!

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Our philosophy revolves around kindness. We find giving back can be an incredible mood booster and life enrichment activity. We encourage everyone to set goals spreading kindness to others.

Begin Living the Story You Have in Mind

If there is one thing we have learned from the CF community, it’s that life is far too short to put off adventures until “next time.” With the passion of CF warriors to live life fully, Storybook Financial has been developed to encourage those working with us to live out their dreams and biggest aspirations. Don’t let anything hold you back!

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