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Financial Basics Series: Understanding Debt Thumbnail

Financial Basics Series: Understanding Debt

Storybook Financial lead another webinar, this time on understanding debt for young professionals. Going quickly from discussing different types of debt to how much is considered too much debt. How much home can you afford? 28/36 Rule! When paying down debt, should you use the snowball effect or just pay on the highest interest rate first? We give a special look at young professional's favorite burden: student loans. When you should pay close attention to credit score and how to get a better number. How many dollars should you invest instead of utilizing to pay down debt? Of course a few tips and tricks to keeping you out of trouble and on the right track quickly. 

This webinar was hosted by Advice Chaser and presented by Kade Hammes, CPF® the lead financial planner at Storybook Financial. Storybook Financial is a financial planning firm determined to help those that believe in the betterment of the world around them. As a fiduciary, our service promotes unbiased financial planning with an emphasis on young medical professionals and their families. We are constantly pushing for new ways to give back to the Cystic Fibrosis community. We are based out of Iowa City | Coralville Iowa, but we serve clients nationwide with our robust virtual presence.