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Financial Basics Series: Understanding Retirement Thumbnail

Financial Basics Series: Understanding Retirement

Storybook Financial's own favorite planner lead a retirement basics webinar for young professionals. When do you think you'll retire? Please don't say 65. The truth is there are lots of ages the government has chosen for retirement, but don't let it dictate when you get to choose retirement. Everyone's life path is different, so understand your resources of time, energy, and money. Just because you have one in abundance today, doesn't mean it always be available to you. Think about all of your life goals. Retirement is just one of many. If your heart is that of a wondering spirit, make sure you don't put off travel until later. Later may never come! If its in your hearts core, make it a priority without turning a blind eye to things like risk and retirement. Financial planning is beautiful because it shows you if you have enough for all of your goals, find options if you don't have enough, and set you free if you have more than enough. Children are the wildcard of personal finances. Some parents raise their kids and expect them to fend for themselves when they leave the nest. Those parents often want to go out with their boots on and have their last check bounce! Other parents find ways to pay for college, send them money to help them live comfortably, and die with so much their kids become instant millionaires. Whatever your desire, don't sacrifice your own retirement. Children have time on their side, parents do not. How much should you be saving for retirement? Can you trust a rule of thumb? Perhaps its better to pay off student debt first. We explore all these questions and give a few tips and tricks for you to consider on your financial planning journey.


This webinar was hosted by Advice Chaser and presented by Kade Hammes, CPF® the lead financial planner at Storybook Financial. Storybook Financial is a financial planning firm determined to help those that believe in the betterment of the world around them. As a fiduciary, our service promotes unbiased financial planning with an emphasis on young medical professionals and their families. We are constantly pushing for new ways to give back to the Cystic Fibrosis community. We are based out of Iowa City | Coralville Iowa, but we serve clients nationwide with our robust virtual presence.